Rebecca’s journey is marked by her innate talent for forging connections—a skill that has earned her the title of “Curator Connector.” With a mission to break down barriers and unite talent with companies poised to appreciate and leverage their skills, Rebecca operates at the intersection of opportunity and potential.

In the realm of talent acquisition, Rebecca excels at identifying and placing the crème de la crème of professionals into projects and companies where they can truly thrive. With over two decades of experience as a Headhunter, Executive Coach, and Business Consultant, Rebecca has cultivated a diverse skill set that spans recruitment management, internal talent consulting, training, and talent optimization.

Across the globe, Rebecca has facilitated countless matches between individuals and opportunities, ensuring that talent finds its perfect fit. Her approach goes beyond mere placement; she provides mentorship and equips individuals with the tools they need to excel in their chosen fields.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Rebecca finds joy in working with Herding Dogs and capturing moments through her lens as a passionate photographer. These hobbies not only enrich her life but also speak to her innate ability to understand and connect with diverse interests and personalities.

As a “Curator Connector,” Rebecca’s focus remains steadfast on aligning people with projects that demand nothing but the best. With her expertise and dedication, she doesn’t just match talent to opportunities—she cultivates pathways for success and fulfillment.

Rebecca Ormerod


Optical Recruiter